Tell me something beautiful...a beautilful lie...something like I love you

tell me, what kind of person doesn’t tell anyone when they know their 13 yr old friend intends to kill herself, is that loyalty, love, no it’s a way of getting rid of friend you have an unhealthy jealousy of…you know who you are. You know what you didn’t do, now you know that I know. I hope this dogs you for the rest of your pathetic lives. I will never forget, I never let this lie. This beautiful, talented, kind girl that was hurting is gone, her family is destroyed.

Who wrote this? It wasn’t me….so you know do you why I did what I did….so come on what is it…why did you delete the messages???

You always asked me things i didn’t know, things i didn’t want to know. But now i do, we both do. The answer, sister, is yes. They miss you, they cried, they remembered. I wish i didn’t have the chance to see it. I wish you didn’t do it. But you did, you hung yourself. You commited suicide. I’m one of the few persons who understands why. And i forgive you for everything. I just hope you get what you wanted, i hope you’re better now. Don’t worry about us, we’ll get through it but it will take time. And, no, i’ll never forget you because i love you, i always will.